Nov 172013

In this quick video we are demonstrating how to freeze your ripe bananas.

I personally like to have them frozen in my shakes to make them more cold. But what to do when you have a few ripe bananas. They are easy to freeze. You can freeze them in an unsealed bag on their own but they don’t tend to be as good a few months later.

What we are going to do is use a vacuum sealer to freeze the bananas.  I usually cut them in half as that size tends to be the right amount for use in a shake.

After cutting them down to the portion size you want place the open end of the bag into the vacuum sealer. After a few second the air will be evacuated from the bag and the bag itself will be sealed.

I have had these sealed bags in the freezer for months with no loss of flavor or color.  They won’t discolor. It is better to peel the bananas before freezing them as the skin can turn slightly bitter and cause some change in flavor to the bananas.

So that’s a little tip for today regarding on what to do with ripe bananas and how to freeze them for storage.

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